• NCC Pilgrimage, a Virtual Event: November 13-15, 2020

FAQs for Youth Attendees

FAQs for Youth Attendees

FAQs for Youth Attendees 150 150 NCC Pilgrimage 2020

Is There A Cost To Register?

There is a small registration fee of $5-15 per attendee depending the registration type. The registration fee provides Pilgrimage, and the NC Conference Youth Ministry, with the opportunity to provide an event full of high-quality programming and offsets the operating costs of the event.

How Do I Register?

Youth attendees are able to register individually or as a group. Check with your youth leader to determine how your group plans to register for the event.

What Can I Expect From Each General Session?

Each General Session will include youth-led worship, music by the House Band, personal faith stories, creative arts offerings and more!

How Long Are The General Sessions?

The Friday Evening, Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning sessions will be no longer than 90 minutes. The Saturday Morning session will be no longer than 60 minutes.

Will I Be Able To Interact With My Peers?

Yes, the Pilgrimage 2020 Portal was built to promote engagement. Youth attendees are able to chat with their peers, participate in polls and much more! We recommend you check out this example General Session page to see ways that you will be able to engage during each session.

Will There Be A Banner Processional?

Each group will be provided with the opportunity to submit a picture of their banner. These pictures will be shown in a slideshow format to start the Sunday Morning session. Each photo will also be included on a dedicated Banner Processional page in the Pilgrimage 2020 Portal.

Can I Watch Locally With My Group?

Pilgrimage 2020 supports multiple ways of attending and engaging, which includes the ability for you to join with your group to attend the event. Here are some example ways for how groups can attend and engage with Pilgrimage 2020.